Watermelon Fruit Benefits For The Health Of The Body

Watermelon fruit or that has the latin name is Citrullus lanatus fruit has a sweet taste and very fresh when it is consumed during a hot day. Not only that, the fruit of watermelon is also often made into a fruit dessert after a meal. However, if You are know watermelon fruit also has many benefits for the health of the human body?On this occasion we will discuss thoroughly about watermelon fruit benefits for the health of our body.

Watermelon Fruit Benefits
Watermelon is one of the kinds of plants propagate, watermelon is reportedly derived from the desert in Africa. For the watermelon and form his outward appearances I'm sure all would already know it? Watermelon has a different flesh colors, some are red and some are yellow, but according to research experts, a fleshy red watermelon have levels of the antioxidant lycopene which is better for the body than a watermelon with yellow flesh. Watermelon fruit benefits for health is also very much, it is visible from much of its nutrient content in watermelon fruit itself. Here we show the watermelon fruit nutrient content in each 100 grams.

Watermelon Fruit nutrient/100 grams:

127 kJ of energy (30 kcal)
Carbohydrate 7.55 g
Sugars 6.2 g
Dietary fiber 0.4 g
Fat 0.15 g
Protein 0,61 g
91,45 g water
Vitamin A equiv. 28 mg (3%)
Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0,033 mg (3%)
Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0,021 mg (1%)
Niacin (Vit. B3) 0,178 mg (1%)
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0,221 mg (4%)
Vitamin B6 0,045 mg (3%)
Folate (Vit B9.) 3 mg (1%)
Vitamin C 20 mg (14%)
7 mg calcium (1%)
Iron-0.24 mg (2%)
Magnesium 10 mg (3%)
Phosphorus 17 mg (2%)
Potassium 115 mg (2%)
Zinc 0.10 mg (1%)

About watermelon fruit benefits for health, is no longer in doubt, watermelon fruit has many benefits. For example to lower blood pressure and to smooth your skin naturally. But there are many more benefits of watermelon fruit that may not know. The following are the benefits of highly nutritious watermelon fruit for the health of the body:

  1. Water and potassium content in the meat and skin of the watermelon is very beneficial for patients with hypertension and is able to stabilize blood pressure.
  2. With watermelon juice drink each day, you can avoid the chronic diseases such as stroke and severe diarrhea.
  3. Eat watermelon will smoothen your urinary tract, this is very good for those of you who are often difficult to urinate.
  4. Watermelon fruit has a high content of antioxidants, so did the watermelon seeds are able to prevent and treat cancer. Content of antioxidants in watermelons include beta-carotene and vitamin C that can nourish the body's cells.
  5. Watermelon contains Likopen is able to improve man's passion. Not only that, the fruit of watermelon is also able to increase the fertility rate of both men and women.
  6. Watermelon fruit has a high fibre content and free of fat, so the good is consumed by You under the program of diet or weight loss. Also very useful for those of you who have experienced the problem of obesity.
  7. Watermelon fruit is helpful to prevent canker sores and was able to lower the fever.
  8. Consume watermelon was able to maximize the working heart.
  9. Watermelon fruit has a natural sugar content of 6% and 92% water, watermelon fruit is also rich in vitamins A, B6 and c. Additionally, pieces of watermelon is also a source of compounds, thiamin, potassium, magnesium, and scitrulline – the amino acid which is good for the health of the human body.

That's the watermelon fruit benefits for the health of the body that we need to know. Besides it tastes good watermelon fruit benefits, however it turns out very much. It would be nice if we try to consume watermelon for benefiting from the fruit of watermelon.
So that I can pass on the benefits of watermelon fruit for the health of the body, more or less, I apologize, continue to look forward to the article health and benefits of plants and fruits from our next. Natural Healthy Greeting!