How To Naturally Treat Ambeien

The real disease is Ambeien including diseases digestive disorders. Due to the onset of swelling Ambeien veins in the rectum which can cause bleeding during bowel movements. The disease has severe ambeien can also result in a person experiencing anemia or lack of blood because a lot of his blood that came out when the bleeding occurs continuously.

Cara Mengobati Ambeien Secara Alami

Ambeien disease is divided into two kinds of the first is internal ambeien around the rectum and the second was found on eksternel ambeien around the rectum. Ambeien themselves due to various reasons, because the public usually due pailing bowel movements that are less regular and result in constipation. Constipation may well result in the ambeien because at the time the muscle on the drain can be hurt and disease ambeien. Too long sitting or squatting can also lead to disease ambeien because when sit or squat, blood pressure in the lower part of the increase. If it happened in a long time then it may very well lead to ambeien.

Then how to treat disease ambeien? In addition to the checked to a specialist, treat disease ambeien can also be done naturally with various drugs and ingredients are of course also natural and not too many consequences. How to treat Ambeien Naturally there are myriad, but at this time we discuss some ways Treat Ambeien naturally indeed tested powerful can treat disease ambeien quickly.

1. consume foods high in fiber.
Fibrous foods have no doubt be pleased to launch the digestion and disposal of the rest of the body's metabolism. Fiber is found in foods that consist of vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber.

2. avoid eating spicy
Foods that are spicy indirectly will be very painful for the sufferer ambeien when defecating, for it should be for patients with disease ambeien to avoid consuming food that is too spicy.

3. drink milk.
Milk is a drink and food for our bodies, the milk is easily digested by the body and can be launched. Consume foods high in fiber and offset by drinking milk every day will be able to reduce pain in sufferers ambeien.

4. make use of tomato fruit
Tomato turned out to be utilized to treat ambeien naturally. His way is to wash clean tomatoes then cut it into pieces and then mashed and mixed with coconut oil to taste. Let stand, after approximately 10 minutes apply on the bump due to the fabric using ambeien clean

5. Banana klutuk
Banana klutuk consume. young mashed and mixed with Palm sugar will help the healing process of disease ambeien naturally.

6. use the leaves of Salak
When ambeien suffered yet showed symptoms of severe or new, can be overcome with how to prepare 3 pieces daun salak, then wash clean the leaves and boil with 1 glass of water to the boil, then saringlah. Water decoction of terseebut can be mixed with brown sugar or Palm sugar and drink regularly twice a day in the morning and evening.

So is some way treat ambeien naturally that we can pass and you can try. Less PC that we are sorry and hopefully useful.