How To Naturally Redden Lips

Lips is a highly influential body parts of a woman's appearance. Pretty face with black lips certainly can reduce traction. Beautiful lips with red cracking is yearning for every woman. To have red lips, you should first learn about the cause of the black color on the lips. Thus can perform an appropriate action.

Black Lips can be caused by several factors, which often happens is a decrease in the hormone estrogen and smoking habit. To increase hormone estrogen, you could buy a supplement containing magnesium, potassium or vitamin C at nearby pharmacies. While smoking cessation is the right way to avoid the dry lips and black.

While the tips that you need to try it to Redden the lips is utilizing the spices that is surrounding us, ginger. With grated ginger, lips will be red breaks and of course being attractive.

Ginger mashed already made into drinks, commonly called wedang ginger
Wait until the cool ginger drinks
After that, just use the trash for smearing her lips
Leave it on for approximately ¼ hour, then wipe with water use
Once you have the color red lips break forth and beautiful, of course taking care is also not less important to red or the beautiful lips not only for ' moment '. Following these tips you can do to treat and keep your lips stay beautiful.

When going to sleep, clean used lipstick to mix from the dangers chemicals lipstick itself. Then use a lip moisturizer with no color
Specially during the day, use a lip moisturizer containing sunscreen
Lips licked very often do, as this will cause dry lips
Frequently consume vegetables and fruits
Use lisptik of course (don't over use of lipstick)